Definitive Proof: Games As Art.

There comes a point where you outgrow posters on your bedroom wall. It might be that they don’t appeal visually any more. It could be that a significant other thinks they’re childish. Maybe you bought a house, and the idea of sticking Blu-tack to the wall until it hardens and strips off paint and plaster when you try to remove it later makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.

But you haven’t stopped buying games, and if you’re buying physical copies, chances are your local game stores of choice throw in “exclusive” posters or artwork as an incentive not to buy anywhere else. It seems wasteful to just throw this stuff out, so why not turn your game art into art ?

And if you’re anything like me,  (i.e. addicted to buying collectors editions), you can make it functional as well.

Take one canvas. (Sorry about the blurriness on this shot)


Take a pile of posters/prints/artwork, or as in my case, collectors edition game world maps.


Arrange your design on the canvas using up all available space. With some clever arrangement you can overlap negative space and clumsy game logos which don’t add to piece.


And when you’re happy with the design, take a reference photo to help remember what overlaps where, and work out which order you’ll need to affix the individual pieces to the canvas. Then with a hot glue gun or adhesive of your choice, stick everything down, add some eye hooks and some picture wire, and hang!


And that’s all there is to it. It looks good, moves easily, and makes use of all those posters/maps that have been sitting in the box since you bought the game. Hang something like this above your desk/monitor and you’ve also got a handy reference for when you play those games!

Of course the downside is that adhesive application pretty much means you can’t ever change this layout or reuse individual pieces, but let’s be honest, you weren’t going to anyway.


~ by accurateobservation on October 25, 2014.

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